Harrespil is the Basque version of a cromlech, a circle of stones. That word reflects my passion for History and ancient religions, and it informs my choices in terms of literary translation. 

Eager to learn more on the topic, I often read books and consume documentaries about art, history and culture. 


Created in  en 2014, Harrespil helps writers and companies share their creations on the French-speaking market. 

I also offer content creation services on topics that revolve primarily around art, tourism, fashion and culture. 


The multiple circles of my logo represent a green eye open to the world... It is a personal touch, as it is said that eyes are the mirror of the soul, and I wanted my logo to express openness and curiosity. 


I write fiction and I am training as a coach in order to offer more services to my clients and express my own creativity.

as a bonus...

P.B 65 Slettebakken, 5821 Bergen

Harrespil Language Services

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