My translation process

Initial contact

Precise communication about the project is important. I ask questions about the number of source words, the timeframe, the skills required,  guidelines and other resources, the use of a CAT-tool, the mode of delivery, the rate and the means of payment, the involvement of one or multiple editors.

Working only within my specialisations mean that I master that topic and that your content will be optimized for your benefit.

I accept to take small translation tests when I join an agency as well as paid ones for clients, should the need arise.


Signing a contract


Having an agreement allows us to be on the same page in terms of deadlines, delivery, revisions and payment. Sometimes, half of the payment occurs after this stage already.




- First readthrough and researching vocabulary, integrating it in my terminology banks

- Evaluating the timeframe, eventually asking questions (for books, I sometimes contact the author)

- Translating a first draft, while keeping annotations



Once I’m satisfied with my first draft, I go through the following steps:

  • Going over the annotations and deciding on a final version

  • Editing to get close to a final draft, ensuring consistency and that all segments are translated

  • Checking the spelling and grammar using Antidote 10

  • Checking the formatting

  • Checking that the annotations/commentaries are erased


For literary translation


I ask for a corrected file to be sent to me or work directly with my editor for another round of small changes.

For agency work, the freelance or in-house proofreader may not contact the translator.

If something needs to be modified, I will amend my work at the earliest opportunity.



I will invoice according to the terms of the contract or the agreement.


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